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The rough Plan in English
05. Januar 2007, Ingo Froeschmann. Hello friends and fellow travellers! I am trying to give a rough overview of our travel plans in English and I will also write a few articles in English to keep those of you informed who don't feel like learning German.

Lilian and Ingo are obstructing the view from the balkony of our flat in Frankfurt (Quelle: Ingo).

On the third of January 2007 Lilian and I start in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We plan to travel southwards along the Atlantic coast to spend a few days on the beaches, before we head further south towards Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

In February we travel Chile from south to north and on to southern Peru and Bolivia. From there we somehow have to make our way across Paraguay (or Argentina) to Brasil. Iguazu is a possibility, Rio de Janeir is another place we could reach by mid-march. Then we need to travel back to Buenos Aires via Uruguay.

On the 26th of March we fly to Madrid, spend two days there with Pilar and Emilio before the first stage of our tour ends in Frankfurt on the 29th of March.

There is a wedding on the 31st, then we explore the possibilities of working in Sweden (either Dalarna conty or Vesterbotten). On the 17th we fly back to Frankfurt, recover for two days and prepare for the second big stage of the journey.

On the 20th of April we fly to Quatar, which is really only a stopover, that we extend to a two week stay. We plan to see Doha, Dubai, Muscat and a few smaller places inbetween.

On the third of May we continue to Hong Kong. From this moment on the planning is still extremely vague. We will go north across China towards Mongolia, then into Russia (especially Irkutsk and Baikal region), then on to Kasachstan and Central Asia. As Visas are always difficult to get in the region, we concentrate on seeing some Silk Road cities in Usbekistan. Then it is either Pakistan's Karakorum Highway (probably not) or the overland route across China and Tibet and Nepal to India. I think this part will take us about two months.

The next three months will be more relaxed in South East Asia. Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam will be our playground for July till September. Two friends from Cologne are coming to meet us in North Vietnam at the beginning of August and we will travel all the way from Hanoi to Saigon.

The rest of the year will bring us to Malaysia and then Indonesia. We are planning to actually have some holidays there with surfing and just resting on some beautiful beaches, maybe in Lombok. Depending on time, we might also go to West Timor and the Philippines.

An after that it is either Sweden or Frankfurt. Any help in taking that decision is very welcome!
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