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Weltreise 2007

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Philippines and Indonesia
16. November 2007, Ingo Froeschmann. At the beginning of the month we were still right in the epicentre of the banana pancake trail through Asia: Bangkok! We spent a few frantic shopping days with Valentin and Sarah, before the flew back home. Then we flew to Boracay to have a rest.

To the left is the smoking Bromo, on the right the perfectly formed Mount Bladok enlarge (Source: Ingo)

"If you rest, you rust" is what they say in Germany, although the reason for rusting might also have been the constant rain on the island. Rainy season in the Philippines means almost constant rain and wind. Only on the first day could we play some beach volleyball. The rest of the time we tried to imagine how beautiful it would be...

Lilian has some dramatic memories of this island. More than 20 years ago she spent some time here with her parents. The island was hardly developed, only one or two restaurants and a few beach huts. And then a typhoon threatened to blow over the island. In the last moment her dad found a boat to return to safety. He had already planned to tie his children to a palm tree so they would not get blown away. Lilian still hasn't gotten over it!

After a day in Manila visiting the colonial architecture left by the Spanish we split up...for six weeks. Lilian was to work in a medical project for the Mangyan people of Mindoro. I flew to Jakarta to see how much Indonesian I had learned while studying on buses. As it turned out, it was not much.

I arrived in Jakarta late at night and got a bad surprise. The good hostels in the pretty rough Jalan Jaksa neighbourhood were full. I had to spent the night in a mosquito infested hole. Before I went to bed I walked around a little, but when a car with three girls and a white guy stopped next to me to ask me to join their party, I fled and preferred the mosquitoes.

Things looked brighter the next day. I walked three hours from my new hostel to the harbour, stopping at the beautiful colonial Cafe Batavia. Even the toilets are full of framed pictures and mirrors. You can almost see your own butt while peeing.

My next stop was at Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of Java and for some a shopping paradise. The region also has some of the best temples in Asia outside Cambodia. I saw the sunrise at Borobudur and spend hours looking at beautiful reliefs. The temple is almost completely restored which maybe is not only a good thing. You can not tell what is real and what is just the imagination of the restorateur.

I had never before seen a bird market, so Yogyakarta's Pasar Burung stunned me. Apart from birds they also sell all kinds of rodents, lizards, snakes, turtles, monkeys, cats, dogs, bats and live bird food. And there is always a funky Indonesian ready to guide you around the place, pointing out the most endangered species. Certainly an experience!
,Br> Every tourist shop in Yogya tries to sell trips to Merapi Vulcanoe, painting wild pictures of lava everywhere. I finally succumb and join a group of twenty people. After two hours driving and another hour waiting in a giude's home drinking tea, we finally start the ascent at 1 o'clock in the morning. The hike is interesting enough, most of the time the path is worn out and at least a meter deep, so that you can not see anything despite the full moon. Apparently we also have plenty of time, because the guide stops frequently for long breaks, despite the cold. Two hours later we know why. The wind is two strong to reach the summit. It really was, I tried. So the group waits until sunrise at the bottom of the summit, takes a few pictures and goes back. No lava, no smoke and no sleep!

Mount Bromo is supposed to be the more spectacular vulcanoe, so I try that one on the way to Bali. Together with Albert from Barcelona I opt for the programme without extra jeep tours which turns out to be the best choice we could have made. Although we arrive at our hotel after dark we can see the outline of volcanoes in front of us. Our hotel is right on the edge of a massive crater that contains two smaller volcanoes of Bromo and Bladok.

We are the only people to get up at four o'clock in the morning to walk down into the crater. As soon as we reach the crater floor walking is easy in the moonlight. The ground is covered with soft volcanic ash and we feel like being on the moon, far away from our planet. Well before sunrise we reach Bromo and have to wait. Three local guys pass buy, trying to sell dry flowers as offerings for the vulcano, no tourists.

I am surprised to see that an active vulcano actually has stairs leading up to the crater rim. Bromo has exactly 256 stairs and then the view is breathtaking, a big crater and thick smoke coming out of its center and surrounding us is this incredible lunar landscape.
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